PTW Energy Services
Houston, TX
Corporate Interiors

PTW Energy Services is a leading industrial service specialist that provides fabrication, construction, and maintenance services across North American and internationally. After a recent rebranding, The Woodlands office brought Inventure Design in to help design the interiors of their new office, which they wanted to reflected the company's unique goals and atmosphere.

Touch of Modern

The project goal was to create a space that fostered passion, team spirit, community, energy, and integrity. A vital requirement for the design consisted of creating a space that felt sophisticated yet with a modern and youthful twist. A challenge faced during the project was finding a way to effortlessly blend more traditional existing furniture with new pieces.

Core of the Office

The breakroom is the core of the office and becomes a place our designers got to play with color and texture. Our goal was for this space to be more than a typical breakroom but instead a multi-functioning space where people could come together to eat, work, and enjoy each other's company. Adding two pops of color, with the orange and blue, created its own form of balance and helped elevate the design.