Crawford Law
Houston, TX
Corporate Interiors

Crawford Law is a successful, Houston-based firm owned by Clay Crawford. The firm is located in the former Henry Henke’s Fifth Ward Grocery building — now owned by Mr. Crawford. The property has been plagued by repeated flooding over the last half-decade, due to waters shed from the I-10 / US-59 Freeways and Buffalo Bayou.


Following the inconceivable damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Owner engaged Inventure to design the building to be resilient to future flooding, while maintaining the building’s historic character. Today the building is home to several individual law practices, including Mr. Crawford’s, and the interiors evoke a time-honored sophistication, in addition to being resilient to future floods.

The building was renovated by Inventure first in 2004 in a High Texas style and was registered as a City of Houston Historical Landmark. For the first 10 years there were no problems with flooding. In the last 5 years the building has flooded four times. In response to the open-ended problem of preventing future damage by flooding, Inventure and the Owner worked to raise the first floor, approximately 36 inches above the original floor, creating a dry occupied floor and an accessible and maintainable crawlspace.
A motorized lift and new elevator were installed to maintain accessible entry and egress for visitors. Finally, porcelain tile, water resistant gyp board and backer board, and steel load bearing elements will greatly improve the buildings resilience to future flooding, yet the interior finishes were restored to the level of sophistication the Owner enjoyed pre-Harvey. The result is a historic building with character intact, accessible to all, and designed to be tougher than it looks.