Armadillo Financial and Johnson Law Group
Houston, TX
Corporate Interiors

A unique shared office is designed to fill the top floor of Houston’s newly built Kirby Grove, an 11-acre urban activity center adjacent to Levy Park. Armadillo Financial, a niche-focused specialty lender focusing on law firms, and Johnson Law Group, a national firm, came to Inventure seeking top-notch designs for their new first-generation space which lacked walls, floor coverings, and ceiling tiles. Inventure built a sophisticated, modern shared workspace with private executive suites for each company, decorated with the theme of “dressed up industrial design” running throughout. The project required designs for a shared board room, break room and mezzanine. In addition, each company required separate offices, workspaces, meeting rooms and IT closets.

Refurbished furniture was used throughout to decrease costs while maintaining an upscale, office environment. A shared board room and break room provided comfortable seating were decorated with elegant light fixtures. A stunning mezzanine featured tall 22" ceilings, designed to frame the sweeping views of the Texas Medical Center while adding an additional 1,000 usf.

Dressed Up Industrial Design

Exposed structures, polished concrete floors, painted steel and raw aluminum framed both spaces. Meanwhile, rich wood details, brass fixtures and textiles were selected to give the space character and add a touch of comfort.