“Why bake a cupcake when you can bake an eight-layer cake?”

Nabihah believes that if you walk into a well-executed open space, you will automatically feel ten times better. As she pursued the field of interior architecture, she developed a passion for working with a variety of materials and styuding the science behind the discipline. Nabihah thrives during the early stages of the design process, when the design concept is developing. She loves learning about how labs are built and detailing in scales just as much as vendor meetings. At Inventure, her architectural and management expertise are utilized to deliver an exceptional result. She enjoys reading fiction and traveling. Coffee and chocolate ice cream would be her diet of choice.


Nabihah graduated from University of Karachi in Pakistan, before earning her Interior Architecture degree with a minor in Construction Management at the University of Houston. She has always loved science and found her passion for architecture when following that interest.