“I love bringing elements to the surface that make the project a success.”

Michael brings almost 20 years of experience to the team and enjoys overseeing all of the intricate moving parts as they work together and turn a collective vision into reality. He is a team builder, creative and always thinking about how he can leverage his skills to bring a project to the next level. He enjoys transforming spaces to best suit the needs of his clients and working on solving the unique challenges each project can bring. He enjoys getting to know clients and finding ways seeing the pieces of the processes come together to achieve his client’s strategies through branding, furniture, product design and graphics. He enjoys mentoring other designers and completing his role as the quality controller at Inventure. He makes sure the final product matches the designs throughout the construction phase, while finding ways to integrate new technology or methodologies.


Michael is a member of the Texas Society of Architects and a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington where he played baseball. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with cars, watching his kids excel in sports and babysitting his daughter’s pet goat.