Brian Sachse
Senior Associate
“Understanding people and being empathetic is the core of design.”

Brian is an inspiration to the team with his passion for concretely improving people’s lives through design and creating truly great architecture. His first impulse when he approaches a new project is to take a step back and work to thoroughly understand his clients’ problems—a step further than other firms will go (and one step ahead). He always creates with the daily user in mind, to ensure their interactions are efficient and enjoyable. He innovates with the end goal of helping clients achieve their dreams.


Brian primarily works on large corporate projects. He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Portland State University before receiving his Master of Science in Construction Management from the NewSchool of Architecture & Design. After graduating, he started out in construction to hone his craft, design efficiently, and gain rapid insight into the challenges that arise during the construction phase. He is completely underwater with his three kids and has been surrounded by design ideas from an early age, both of his parents were involved with design.