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Inventure's 2019 Promotions

JANUARY 7, 2019

Good design is good business - and the people at Inventure go above and beyond to uphold that mission. At Inventure, we hire talented individuals and then get out of their way, giving them the tools and the ability to reach their highest potential.

We are excited to announce the promotion of a few of these great individuals who have truly exceeded expectations for the success of our company and clients this past year. These team members continually put our clients first, have shown incredible professional growth, and remain committed to the firm every step of the way. 

Catherine Bellshaw, IIDA, LEED AP, has been promoted to Associate Principal. Catherine’s positive attitude and dedication to Inventure’s projects inspire those working with her. She is a leader among her peers and a crucial resource to team members and clients alike. 

Ashley Fridell, RID, RAS, Morgan Stautzenberger, IIDA, and Rachel Rodgers, IIDA, EDAC, have been promoted to Senior Associate:

Ashley spearheaded the Landlord Services effort at Inventure Design, successfully turning these services into a profitable market for the firm. She continues to find ways to improve her specialty and provide leadership to her Landlord Services team members.

With her commitment to volunteering, Morgan motivates her teammates to give back in addition to constantly transcending client expectations. Morgan also leads Inventure’s on-boarding committee, working to help new employees assimilate into the firm. Email Morgan.

As a core member of the Healthcare team and the first to be EDAC certified, Rachel is an advocate for better, healthier design solutions. Rachel’s passion and organizational skills have led to many successful projects and helps drive the Healthcare effort within the firm.

Arianne Gonzato, Assoc. IIDA, Eric Burnside, Assoc. AIA, and Samantha Bourgeois, Assoc. IIDA, have been promoted to Associate: 

Arianne’s infectious energy and work ethic have propelled the Landlord Services team forward. With her attention to detail and flair for presentations, Arianne helps to accomplish the team’s ambition of bringing high-quality design to all of Inventure’s landlord projects.

Eric’s focus and problem-solving skills have been integral to the firm’s success and that of our clients. Eric makes the time to provide assistance on projects wherever needed and has taken it upon himself to become a tutor to new employees. Email Eric.

Samantha never fails to show her dedication, putting our clients’ goals first and striving to meet every deadline given to her. Her diligence and eye for design has made her an invaluable member of the Inventure team.